This blog is the culmination of an enlightening and transformative journey I can only label in retrospect. Having said that, this is a blog on spirituality, metaphysics, and perception, taking the secular and empirical approach, all the while avoiding dogma, superstition, myths, and my favorite, spookiness and specious claims. It’s inspired mainly by the works of Sam Harris and Alan Watts, but it also owes a lot to Eckhart Tolle and Stephen Hawking, all the while presenting my originality as the chief ingredient and USP. Based on the theme of arbitariness in reality, it tries to address and find a never-before application to ethereal and practical topics like meaning, morality, and happiness, all the while covering the generally more abstract first principles of things including being, knowing, existence, consciousness, space and time, causality, and possibility.

Join me today if you too cannot believe your own existence or have fallen in love with it.